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Civic Feline Clinic

Wellness & Preventive Care

During your cat’s annual wellness exam our veterinarians will evaluate his overall health, note potential problems before they get serious, and make recommendations to promote a longer, happier, healthier life.


Multiple professional organizations, including the American Animal Hospital Association, recommend your cat has a wellness exam at least once every year.  As your friend ages, he may benefit from more frequent examinations. Preventative care is fundamental aspect of our practice and we will develop a wellness plan for every life stage of your companion. Depending on your cat’s lifestyle, we will recommend vaccination schedules and diagnostic screening.

Why are these exams so important?

These visits are an important opportunity to evaluate your cat’s overall health and to provide a baseline understanding of their unique lifestyle and characteristics. They also allow us to detect potential problems or early diseases before they become more serious. As importantly, regular visits to our facility allows your friend to develop familiarity with our staff and with the hospital, so future visits are less stressful and easier on you and her.

When should my cat visit the veterinarian?

The best approach to keeping your friend healthy is proactive preventative medicine. This encompasses annual or semi-annual wellness exams, immunizations, internal and external parasite prevention, dietary management and behavioral management. We will always work with you to develop a wellness plan customized to your specific companion.

What happens during a wellness exam?

Our veterinarian will perform a comprehensive examination of your cat, from nose to tail, obtaining vital signs and assessing all the systems of the body.  We may recommend diagnostic testing such as blood work, urinalysis, or screening for parasites in order to treat any abnormal findings or simply as part of our preventative medicine approach.  Early detection and intervention of medical problems is an important part of helping your friend lead a longer, happier, healthier life.