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Civic Feline Clinic

International Health Certificates

Taking your feline friend out of the country? Our veterinarians are fully accredited with the USDA to issue formal certifications that your friend is healthy enough to travel safely and has had the appropriate immunizations for international travel.


Your cat is family and you want him by your side when you travel. Our veterinarians are accredited to issue the certification required for your companion to travel internationally.

Why does my cat need a certificate to travel?

Only pets in good health that do not pose a risk of disease to other pets or humans are permitted to travel internationally. Your destination country may have specific health requirements that must be met before your cat can enter; these requirements may include current vaccinations, a passing health examination, and certification of freedom from disease.

When should I start the process?

International travel certificate requirements vary widely from country to country and may take several months to complete. We strongly urge you to determine the details of your travel arrangements well in advance of the actual travel so that we can comply thoroughly. Generally, but not always, certificates should be issued within 30 days of travel and cats should be at least 8 weeks old and fully weaned.

How do I obtain an international health certificate?

We will work with you to determine the specific health certificate requirements for your destination country. Because requirements are set by each individual country and may change frequently and without notice, we recommend you check the current requirements for your destination(s) on the USDA website:

We will conduct the appropriate test and examinations to determine if your cat has any disease or health risks that would preclude travel and verify he has all necessary immunizations for travel. Once these requirements are satisfied, we will issue the formal documentation indicating your friend is safe for travel.