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Civic Feline Clinic


In accordance with our mission of helping cats live longer, happier, healthier lives, from nose to tail and womb to tomb, we sincerely believe that as much care should be put into end of life decisions as the care put into the life itself. Though saying goodbye to a beloved companion is a difficult decision, we are here to discuss options and to support you throughout this difficult time.


Euthanasia, or putting your cat to sleep, is a difficult decision we may need to make at some point in our friend’s life. We strive to make this final service peaceful, low-stress, and painless. We welcome your participation in whatever manner you are most comfortable.

Why euthanasia?

Just as we age and suffer illness and injury, so do our beloved companions. As much as we want our friends to be with us forever, there comes a time when it is responsible to say goodbye in a dignified and humane fashion. Euthanasia offers a peaceful, controlled option to help alleviate suffering and indignity.

When is the time right?

Knowing when to euthanize your cat can be a difficult determination. Many factors go into this decision and, ultimately, it is a personal decision between you and your family, and your pet. Factors to consider include your friend’s quality of life, your ability to provide appropriate care, the challenges that accompany age, illness and injury, and pain, discomfort or indignity your cat may be suffering. Please know that we are here to discuss the process and the feelings that accompany it so that you can make the best decision for your family and your companion in this final act of compassion.

How should I get more information or ask for help?

Our veterinarians are available to discuss your options. They are very familiar with the experience and are able to talk about the process and the feelings that come with it. Please make an appointment or contact us for information on options, timelines and references to support through the grieving process.