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Civic Feline Clinic


There are a number of ways to memorialize your beloved cat. Cremation is one option to honor and celebrate your companion’s life.


Dealing with the end of a pet’s life is never easy. We want to make the process less difficult for you by offering cremation services as a way to memorialize and honor the life of your beloved pet.

Why should I consider cremation for my pet?

Cremation is one way to embrace the memory of a beloved pet. These remains can be buried as part of a family ritual, kept in an urn or decorative container, or commemorated in jewelry or other keepsake items. Based on your intentions, there are different cremation options available and we can discuss the best choice for your individual circumstances.

Should you prefer aftercare other than cremation, there are a number of local services that can help you with more preferable options that, unfortunately, are beyond our capacity here at the hospital. Let us know and we will help connect you with these resources.